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We travel to communities across the United States and facilitate conversations on the science of climate change.

Climate science can be for everyone.


We come to you, facilitating audience-driven discussions on the science of climate change.

What does a Climate Up Close event look like? 

We fit our events into a framework that works for your audience. We do all content preparation, and can do slide presentations, group discussion, question & answer sessions, and casual talk with a side of coffee. 


See some of our suggested event modules below. Our recommended format for medium or large groups is a climate primer followed by question & answer discussion.

Climate Primer

An intro to climate science with rich visuals. This format is flexible in length.

Question & Answer

Our approach to question & answer creates a “parking lot” of all the questions asked and then focuses on answering them in context with each other, so that all voices and questions can be heard.

Casual Conversation

Sometimes, talking climate over a meal or sharing coffee in a small group can lead to the most fruitful insights. This format is informal and flexible in length.


We share what we know about climate science and how we know it.

What topics does a Climate Up Close event cover? 

We focus our events on simple but important climate science questions, tailored to what your audience is most curious about.

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 12.07.09

Are global temperatures increasing?

The State of Climate Science

What are climate scientists highly confident about?

What are some open questions in climate science?

Climate Context

Haven't extreme climates happened on Earth before?

What's different now?

Could planting more trees absorb all our 

carbon dioxide emissions?

Climate Change

How do we know...

  • that carbon dioxide is increasing?

  • that the increase is caused by humans?

  • that carbon dioxide is causing a temperature increase?


What are the climate change impacts...

  • on sea level rise?

  • on extreme weather?

What will my generation experience?

My children's generation?

My grandchildren's generation?

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 12.25.33

How do we know CO2 increases

are caused by humans?

Source: Forster et al. (2007) (IPCC AR4 WG1 Ch.2)

2023 Tour

In June 2023, we'll be on tour in the greater Chicago area. Reach out if you'd like to set up an event in your area.

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